The global leader in AI-first contactless body measuring and fit solutions
The company was looking to establish a stronghold on the mobile body scanning market and strengthen its awareness among investors and potential mid-market and enterprise clients.

Strategy: We planned the PR action plan focusing on the company's milestones and case studies - crucial for the B2B companies. Additionally, we researched relevant global events that the company's story can be tied to, such as Black Friday, Earth Day, etc. Lastly, we were working on positioning the company's leadership as an expert source of commentary.

Results: Over two years, the stories created for 3DLOOK were featured in CNBC, Forbes, Fortune, Inc. Magazine, Vogue, Elle, and 600+ other outlets. The founders' opinion columns and interviews were published in Entrepreneur, The Next Web, WWD, Retail Insider, and major outlets such as Reuters and Vogue turned to them for expert commentary. The company solidified its reputation in the media, retail, and invertors communities, received speaking invites at conferences and podcasts, and won numerous industry awards such as Digiday Technology Award.
Augmented investment intelligence platform
The company was launching a new platform that matched blockchain startups with the most relevant investors. It was at the beginning of its journey with low brand awareness and an unknown reputation, so it was tough for them to stand out in the global market with its clear leaders,

Solution: We decided to use data as our main PR asset. With minimal resources, we collected data from open sources such as LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and others to create two research reports: Blockchain's got talent and Blockchain investments history.

These reports highlighted interesting findings around investments in the field, such as the most active investors, wealthiest startups, universities with the most successful alumni in the blockchain space, etc.

Results: The reports were picked up by the 40+ publications in the field, including giants such as Fortune, CoinTelegraph, The Block, CryptoVest, Value Walk, TechTarget, UpJourney, Disruptor Daily, and Best Company. The campaign was further supported with a series of expert quotes and bylines from the company's CEO, which positioned him as an expert in the field and gave our client an authoritative name in the finance vertical.
A digital transformation consultancy and engineering company
To stand out in a highly competitive market, the company needed to build a reputation as a full-scope product development partner instead of another outsourcing company. All major projects being NDA'd added a challenge to the strategy.

Strategy: To reach the company's goal, we agreed on key industries such as fintech and healthcare and created tangential content showcasing the company's experience and expertise on a wide range of topics on the intersection of these industries and technology.

Results: Interviews and opinion columns of the company's leadership appeared in reputable business and technology publications such as Forbes, CIO.com, Built-In, TechRound, TrendHunter, The Hill, and 50+ publications in 6 months. The company's C-levels became globally acknowledged professionals, having received numerous inbound commentary requests and podcast invites, and quality backlinks contributed to the company's SEO efforts.
Kepler Finance
A comprehensive database of blockchain industry data
The new-to-market company was looking to establish its image as a trustworthy data provider for fundraising for blockchain companies. During the ICO and crypto spike in 2017-2018, most media outlets were overwhelmed with large PR budgets and charged up to $10k per publication – as such, receiving free publications was close to impossible.

Solution: A new blockchain-enabled fundraising method called STO (Security Token Offering) was getting attention at the time. As regulations were in their infancy, very few knew how to use STOs, but everybody was talking about them. We saw an opportunity to team up with market experts and create a research report unveiling the main misconceptions about STOs.

Results: We leveraged the power of the media and brought together more than 20 opinion leaders who contributed to the research to boost exposure. The research report was picked up by ValueWalk, Irish Tech News, Finance Magnates, The Blockchain, and 30+ outlets and was shared hundreds of times by market participants.
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