Full-scope PR
Full-scope PR supervision services include:

• a coherent PR strategy: competitive analysis, communication SWOT analysis, short- and long-term goals, project development planning;
• media landscape analysis, media list, crafting of the media campaign and implementation.

Depending on the company's needs, PR supervision could also include:
• content marketing;
• personal brand creation for the C-levels;
• industry awards and events.

Together with the client, we determine exactly what strategies and tactics are needed to create and promote a strong brand.
PR mentorship

The perfect option in case you have a human resource to implement the campaign, but lack expertise.

During the mentorship month, I will guide you through every step of the PR campaign: from strategy, identifying the target sources, crafting the pitch, to creating contributed content and analyzing the results.

This includes:
• action plan for every step on the PR campaign;
• weekly sync meetings (no theory - only actionable how-tos);
• assistance and revision of each step of the campaign;
• unlimited Q&A.
PR Consulting
The perfect option in case you need help fine-tuning specific parts of your PR activities, such as:
• strategy, competitive analysis;
• work with media outlets, podcasts, webinars;
• work with opinion leaders;
• industry events and awards, etc.
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